Tek Baştan Butonlu Masa Rayı

“System” table mechanisms are our patented products.

The innovations brought to the table rail are taken under protection by our company.

Technical specifications

- The opening movements of the table main trays are very comfortable.

- It does not make the contraction movement (stretching and contracting the table tops backwards when the table is open) that is frequently observed during opening and closing.

- Thanks to the lock feature, it is possible to prevent unintentional movements of the table in both fully open and closed positions.         

- Table size is not limited. (No table standard)         

- Table trays meet each other and do not make teeth.         

- The table rail we have developed is not limited to a certain size and weight. It can be produced in desired dimensions in line with the requests from users. It can be used easily in all table works designed in different sizes and different weights.         



  • It can be applied in desired lengths.
  • All soft closers and stops can be applied.
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