Our Policies

Our Environmental Policy

As Sukasi Metal Ltd. and its employees, we aim to minimize the negative effects on the environment before and after the production activities by acting in accordance with the legal regulations.

By using our resources effectively and economically, we work with all our strength to provide a clean and safe environment for our employees and society.

In order to prevent environmental pollution, minimizing waste and scraps and improving the impact of environmental management system performance by providing recycling is our most important goal in this process.

Occupational Health And Safety Policy

As Sukasi Metal, we adopt legal regulations, ensure the continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety performance, as well as creating a safer and healthier working environment by caring for people first.

Our principles in our Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

- To minimize our accidents and risks by identifying hazards,

- To take the necessary measures to protect our employees and stakeholders from work-related diseases and injuries and to prevent work accidents,

- Train employees for safety and health awareness and support participation activities,

- To encourage the application of work safety and rules outside the workplace.

Our Quality Policy

The most important quality policy of Sukasi Metal is that we adopt sustainable quality as a basic principle. Our goal is to create a quality management system that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by focusing on the R&D and P&D studies of our products, which are all our own designs, taking into account the market needs.

Within the framework of our quality policy principles;

- Fulfilling ISO 9001 standard requirements,      

- To make our products and services reliable in accordance with laws and environment,      

- To continuously improve the efficiency and fields of activity of the company,      

- To work in a planned manner with team spirit by ensuring participation of employees in all processes,      

- To announce our quality policy to all our employees and to ensure customer satisfaction      

Managing together with Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, is one of our primary objectives in terms of being a model organization in industry and quality.